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Here you can find U.S. English spelling Test Answers. Who need to construct their career at Freelancing sector and oDesk or any Marketplace this take a look at is imperative for them. There square measure forty Multiple selection queries. Every question has between a pair of to eight choices of that one or additional could also be correct. If you benefited from this post, please share it. Thanks of all. to ascertain the oDesk US English spelling take a look at Question & Answer Update.
Correct Answers
Wrong Answers
d. Address
a. architecture
c. Acquired
a. amnesty 
a. Barbecue
c. Bureaucracy
c. Congratulated
b. Caribbean
b. Carnivorous
d. Conscientious
d. Definitely
a. Diminutive
d. Disappointing
b. exhilarate  
a. Existence
c. Excessive
b. exhilarate
d. efficiency
d. embarrassment
b. Forfeit
c. flabbergasted
a. Fiancé
c. Flabbergasted
c. government 
a. Gauge
a. Heinous
b. itinerary
c. Idiosyncrasy
b. Itinerary
c. Illuminate
c. kindergarten
b. legitimate
b. Legitimate
c. lose
d. Lieutenant
c. Laboratory
b. Liaison 
c. maneuver
b. Necessary
a. nuisance 
b. nocturnal
b. Orchestrated
c. pneumonia
c. Privilege
a. Plagiarism
d. Psychology
b. pronunciation
a. Peruse 
a. perpetual
c. Possess
d. prolifically
d. psychology
c. possess
c. privilege
d. prolifically
c. pneumonia
b. Reminiscence
c. restaurateur
c. Reference
c. reincarnation
b. Specifically
c. Sacrilegious
a. synonymous 
c. sacrilegious
a. Temperamental
b. twelfth
d. Unanimous
a. vengeance
b. Vicious
a. Vengeance
a. Vacuum 

a.   accommodate
c. Charateristic
a. councelor
c. hankerchief  
b.  Desciple
c. Enegma
b. Fullfil
c. hankerchief
a.b. irresistable
a. Managable
a. mischeivous
a. manageable
d. opponent
d. Perserverance 
c. plummage
c. Questionaire
d. Resevoir 
d. reservoir
d. Sanctuery 
c. Susceptable
a. Wierd
c. Yeilding 

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